Day 11: Tuesday, Feb 11th, 2014

  1. Read
  2. Quiz (link) and brief discussion.
  3. ‘git stash’ and ‘git stash apply’ demonstration
  4. Code review of a specific chunk o’ code.

Pull requests and doing code reviews

(In-class exercise.)

In brief, everyone should fetch this branch into their local repo,

make at least one change, push the changed branch to their github repo, and then set up a pull request back to me.


On arctic, in your existing repo OR in a newly cloned copy of YOUR github repo (see Basic Instructions for Git and Github):

git fetch day11:day11

If you have a bunch of changes in your repo for hw5, please commit them or stash them (‘git stash’ – you can retrieve with ‘git stash apply’). Then check out the day 11 branch:

git checkout day11

Now, edit ChangeLog and add in an entry saying “in-class exercise.”

Then, push this branch back to your own github account:

git commit -am "day 11 exercise"
git push -u origin day11:day11

Go to to your own github account and set up a pull request between YOUR repository/day11 and MY repository/master branch (ctb). It should look like this.

Now, do a code review. You can comment line by line (go to the files view of the pull request) AND/OR make changes to your day11 branch and push them to your repo.

git push origin day11

General code review:

  1. Does it run?
  2. Do tests pass?
  3. Spaces rather than tabs.
  4. Spaces after #.
  5. Properly spelled variable names .
  6. Try writing tests to break something. For example, do you believe their POST logic?
  7. 80 character line lengths.
  8. Test with multiple browsers.
  9. Use code coverage to find things that their tests don’t test, and see if you can break their code. (See Day 8: Thursday, January 30th, 2014)

And/or do a specific code review for Homework 4.

Reminder about features:

  1. handle multipart/form-data.
  2. arbitrary size requests.
  3. implement templates.
  4. implement “404 not found”

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  1. Go to Day 11: Tuesday, Feb 11th, 2014 on GitHub.
  2. Edit files using GitHub's text editor in your web browser (see the 'Edit' tab on the top right of the file)
  3. Fill in the Commit message text box at the bottom of the page describing why you made the changes. Press the Propose file change button next to it when done.
  4. Then click Send a pull request.
  5. Your changes are now queued for review under the project's Pull requests tab on GitHub!

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