Day 4: Thursday, January 16th, 2014ΒΆ

  1. For class, read Maybe also check out

  2. Quiz and discussion.

  3. Code review HOWTO:

    To do a code review, today:

    1. Check out and run/review; add comments and/or fix;
    2. Commit your comments.
    3. Push to branch ‘hw1-review’ on your own fork, and submit pull requests to original repository.

    To do all of this with git, let’s do this in a new repo.

    git clone <repository under review> cse491-hw1-review
    cd cse491-hw-review
    # ... make changes ...
    git commit -am "review of hw1"
    git push <your home repository> master:hw1-review
    # now, go set up a pull request.

    The last ‘git push’ command is the only truly new one; you’re just copying your default branch, ‘master’, to your home repository, with the new name ‘hw1-review’.

    Your code review should focus on the following issues:

    1. Does it run
    2. Spaces rather than tabs
    3. Spaces after # in comments
    4. Properly spelled variable names

    See for general Python code thoughts ;).

  4. Do code review!

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