Day 24: Thursday, April 3, 2014

  1. Read
  2. Fill out the quiz
  3. Discussion.
  4. In-class exercises (see below).

In-class exercises

  1. In pairs, look at Try searching for two different job postings (4698 and 7617, for example). Can you communicate these to your partner via an e-mailed URL? Try sending each other the URL of the different job.

    What is the mechanism the site is using to keep track of what job you’re looking at? What’s a better way?

  2. Check out branch ‘day24-ice’ of ctb’s cse491-serverz, provided by a student:

    git clone day24-ice -b day24-ice

    and run the imageapp, ‘cd day24-ice; python -A image’.

    In pairs, have one person log in to the same server as ‘user1’/’user1’ and the other as ‘user2’/’user2’. Now check to see who you are logged in as.

    What’s the mechanism the site is using to keep track of who you’re logged in as? What’s a better way to do this?

    Note: if you’re all alone, you can do this with two different incognito windows opening onto the same server.

  3. Check out ‘day24-ice’ as in #2.

    In imageapp/templates/base.html, check out the two different ways of including style sheets in your HTML – play around with uncommenting, and looking at the effect on the output. Do both work? Which is the “right” way to do this, and why?

  4. Check out cse491-textz:

    git clone

    and, using ‘git diff’, figure out at which commit we lost the white rabbit.

    Specifically, you can use ‘git log’ to see the commit history; ‘git checkout <commit prefix>’ to check out specific versions of the repo; ‘git diff <commit prefix1>..<commit prefix2>’ to diff between two repos. ‘git checkout master’ will get the tip of the master branch back.

    Note that the white rabbit is present in the initial git commit, ‘58f7df’:

    cd cse491-textz
    git checkout 58f7df
    grep rabbit cities.txt

    but absent in the tip:

    git checkout master
    grep rabbit cities.txt
  5. Check out cse491-textz as in #4; use ‘git blame’ to figure out at what commit the name Defargo was introduced into the text.

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